Development of Samogitian industry. From agriculture to innovation 2020

On August 14-15, the homestead of Plungė M. Oginsky Palace hosted the project “Development of Samogitian Industry. From Agriculture to Innovation 2020. Plungė region and the Plungė Union of Industrialists, in order to contribute to the desire of the Oginsky dukes to glorify the Samogitian region not only with cultural life but also with innovations and progress in science and industry, as well as to popularize Plungė and the entire Samogitian region, organized an event “Industrial development of Samogitia. From agriculture to innovation 2020 “.


An industrial exhibition was organized in the building of the Stables of the Palace of Duke M. Oginsky, which brought together representatives of industry and business of the Samogitian region, so everyone was invited to visit and get acquainted with the most famous enterprises and organizations of this region.

During the day conference, the participants were introduced not only to the historical industrial development of the Samogitian region but also to current business challenges, opportunities and success stories.

Representatives of the Lithuanian Institute of History, the Ministry of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania and the Ministry of Agriculture made presentations, and the heads of UAB Terekas, UAB Vičiūnų įmonių grupė and Taurage Industrial Park shared their success stories.

During the conference, the Plungė District Union of Industrialists celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the occasion, the President of the Plungė Union of Industrialists A. Borumas and the President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists V. Janulevičius presented badges of honour to the members of the Union Vytautas Padagas (UAB V. Padagas ir Ko) and Egidijus Rapalis (UAB Litspringas).

A colourful fair took place on both days, and the evening concert was decorated with performances by the folklore ensemble of the Plungė Cultural Center Gondinga and the pop-band Zemaitukai
During the concert, thanks were also given to the following participants of the exhibition: UAB Dotnuva Baltic; Plungė Branch of the Lithuanian Farmers’ Union; ŽŪKB „Pieno gėlė“; UAB Sibrusta; UAB Besmegeniai; Plunge Vocational School of Technology and Business; UAB Geralda; UAB „V. Padagas ir Ko ”; UAB Litspringas; UAB Terekas; UAB Plungės Šaltis; UAB Plungės baldai; UAB CONSTRO; UAB Vičiūnų grupė; UAB Plungės Laguna;UAB Marmo Arc; Plungė Tourism and Information Center; UAB Mittet; MB Arb8zo namai.

Organizers and sponsors of the project “Development of Samogitian Industry. From Agriculture to Innovation 2020: the Plungė Union of Industrialists, Plunge District, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Economy and Innovation, event partners: Plungė Tourist Information Center, Plungė Cultural Center, Museum of Samogitian Art, Plungė district municipality public health bureau. We would like to thank the participants of the conference, exhibitions and fairs, as well as you, dear residents of Plungė and guests of the city, for communication and friendship and beeing together.

The Plungė Union of Industrialists