About us

The Plungė Union of Industrialists (PUI) was founded in 1995. Today, PUI unites 22 industrial as well as service rendering companies from Plungė, Rietavas and Kretinga municipalities, educational institutions and actively represents their interests.

PUI members play an important role in strengthening the Lithuanian economy and increasing its competitiveness. The Union is seen and heard by the Government institutions, the business community and society.

The Plungė Union of Industrialists is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization that unites acting industrial and other production and service rendering companies of all forms of ownership on a territorial basis.

PPS Start

From the first days…

From the very first days, PUI had a positive impact on the development of Plungė district. The members of the Union were given a lot of useful tips and directly assisted by the then President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, the President of one of the largest Lithuanian companies Achema Concern, Dr Bronislovas Lubys.

The Plungė Union of Industrialists seeks to create favourable conditions for the activities and development of industrial and production enterprises, to represent the interests of its members in state and international structures, to promote cooperation between members of the Union in matters purchasing of raw materials, energy supply, search for new markets, to organize and support industrial, social, cultural and sports projects in Plungė and beyond..

Benefits of Union Membership

  • Due to its many years of activity and accumulated experience, PUI has established close relations with various local and state institutions, therefore, it constantly effectively represents the interests of its members in them.
  • PUI together with the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists periodically organizes thematic meetings and meetings with representatives of the Seimas, the Government, ministries, diplomatic missions, law and science of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • PUI members receive relevant and useful information for business development.
  • PUI members receive relevant and useful information for business development.
  • PUI members may delegate their representatives to committees, commissions and working groups formed by state and local government relevant to their business, in which PUI is entitled to participate.
  • PUI members can participate in working groups formed by the Union, which organize meetings and discussions of Union members on issues relevant to business and analyze the impact of laws and other legal acts on business. Based on the proposals made during the discussion, proposals are formulated that are submitted to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Government, ministries, municipalities and other drafters of legal acts.