The Calvary Hills Atlaidai

On July 7, At the Atlaidai in Samogitian Calvary the believers prayed for entrepreneurs and all job creators. Members of the Plungė Union of Industrialists were present at the holy Mass led by bishop Eugenijus Bertulis. According to the members of the union, it is not enough to create jobs alone, but it is important to create a spirit of community and teamwork at work. And this is where the culture of meeting and community comes to the rescue.

After Holy Mass, representatives of the industrialists thanked the clergy for their cooperation and close communication. As a token of appreciation, flower bouquets were presented to Bishops Algirdas Jurevičius and Eugenijus Bertulis, Chaplain of the Plungė Confederation of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists, Rector of the Samogitian Calvary Shrine, Canon Jonas Ačas, also Dean at the Dean’s office of Plungė, Priest Vytautas Gedvainis, Vicar of the Samogitian Calvary parish, priest Vidmantas Daugėla.