Awards for 2019

The most active company of the year – UAB CONSTRO

Today, no activity is imaginable without the President of PUI and the head of UAB CONSTRO Antanas Borumas, so thank you for your dedication and activeness to these activities.

The most community-based company of the year – UAB Plungės kooperatinė prekyba

It is the largest company in Plungė district, and it requires a good manager to grow such a harmonious and hard-working community, so the nomination is given to the head of the company Liudas Skierus.

Sales Leader of the Year – UAB Maneda

This is the sales leader of construction equipment in Plungė district, director Nerijus Adomavičius.

The most diligent company – UAB Žemaitijos ranga

The company is named as one of the hardest working and extremely busy, and the saying “Work adorns people” is very appropriate here. The head of the company – Deivydas Narmontas.

TOP leader of the year – UAB Terekas

This company could fairly earn nominations in all the categories but as it was decided this year it will earn the main nomination

The most initiative company of the year – UAB Litspringas

We thank Egidijus Rapalis, the head of this company, for his initiatives and ideas in the implementation of all ideas not only in his company, but also in the activities of significant initiatives of industrialists and the city.

Project Leader of the Year – UAB Plungės Laguna

For the implemented projects and the ones, very important, still to be implemented in the future in Plungė district, and especially in Plungė city. The head of the company Darius Bieliauskas.

Step of the year into new export markets – UAB Geralda

For participation in projects that will help increase the company’s competitiveness and export volumes. The head of the company Gintautas Igaris.

Successful investments of the year – UAB V. Padagas ir Ko

For the successful implementation of the most advanced technologies and efficient work organization, we can be proud that the products of this company are extremely well known in Scandinavia. Therefore, the nomination is presented to the head of the company Vytautas Padagas.

Challenge of the Year – UAB Plungės Šilumos tinklai

This company has had one of the most difficult decisions this year to reduce heat prices in Plungė, so we wish it would not be a hardship but a challenge. The head of the company Arūnas Tamošauskas.

Return of the Year – UAB Plungės Šaltis

We are glad that this company has returned to the ranks of the members of the Plungė Union of Industrialists and we wish you the greatest possible achievements in your activities. Director Justinas Šimkus.

The most responsible company of the year – UAB Gilinis

For the responsible approach to business, customer needs and employee safety, the nomination is awarded to the company UAB Gilinis and the head of the company Vidmantas Batavičius.

Experience of the Year – UAB Alginora

For many years of cooperation, partnership and pieces of advice in the Union of Industrialists. We thank the director Stasys Piepalis.

The fosterer of the Business Tradition of the Year is the Plungė Entrepreneurs Club

The nomination goes to Vidmantas Jonikas, one of the initiators of the establishment of the Plungė Union of Industrialists, a fosterer of business ideas and traditions.

Partner of the Year – Mayor of Plungė district municipality A.Klišonis

This year, we would especially like to thank our partner Audrius Klišonis, without whom business representatives would not have been heard. Thank you for your partnership, a sense of community, and we are glad that today together with you we can rejoice our achievements and accomplishments. We hope this oak nomination will symbolize the strength of our partnership with each other.