Awards for 2018

A solid step entering new export markets – UAB CONSTRO

UAB CONSTRO is a company that has already conquered a number of foreign markets and is successfully entering new ones. A good company name and customer trust – this is what helps this company to conquer new markets.

Successful business start-up – UAB Litspringas

The recently established company UAB Litspringas is taking its first but strong and assured steps in the production market. The attitude of the heads of the company determine the successful start of activities. We wish you further success and growth.

The most innovative company – UAB Terekas

UAB Terekas introduced the new FlexBlow brand together with a new technology that helps to flexibly meet customer needs and offer innovative solutions. We wish you success not only for takeoff but also for your flight!

The largest exporting company – UAB Plungės kooperatinė prekyba.

Most of the company’s products are exported. The share of exported products is over 85 per cent. We are delighted that the Plungė-based company has been able to successfully integrate into many markets of the world, as well as present and adapt products for every taste.

Stable business- UAB Plungės baldai.

Stability is one of the advantages of the company. The company UAB Plungės baldai is stable in maintaining income stability and increasing the number of employees, thus creating quality jobs in the labor market.

Stable business – UAB Plungės Jonis-S

Stability is synonymous with strength and stability. UAB Plungės Jonis-S has been confirming for many years that stability is the basis for constant growth. In presenting this award, we are delighted that many years of experience have brought excellent results. We wish the same in the future.

Stable business – Plungė Entrepreneurs Club

Plunge Entrepreneurs’ Club, which has been operating since 1992, brings together business representatives to share their experiences and pursue a common goal. We are glad that this organization has joined our ranks, and we wish it to continue to successfully achieve its goals.

Thanksgiving for long-term membership in the Plunge Union of Industrialists – UAB Emega.

We hope you will continue to share your experiences and good practices with us. We wish you great achievements and success in implementing your goals.

Bold investments – Public institution Bruneros
The most socially responsible company – Plunge Vocational School of Technology and Business
The most enterprising company – UAB Hovden
The most mature company – UAB Plungės Laguna
Stable business – UAB V. Padagas ir Ko
Stable business – UAB Gilinis
Thanksgiving for long-term membership in the Plungė Union of Industrialists – UAB Alginora
Thanksgiving for long-term membership in the Plungė Union of Industrialists – UAB Plungės tekstilė