Consecration of the restored “Duke Mykolas Oginskis Orchard”

Consecration of the restored “Duke Mykolas Oginskis Orchard” in October 8, 2020. We can only rejoice and be proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of the historic orchard of Duke Mykolas Oginskis.


These moments will become historic when our children and grandchildren, tasting the fruits of the restored garden, will be able to enjoy and be proud of the contribution of their predecessors, which is rich in as many as 130 old varieties of apples and many other plants. We kindly invite you all to visit this historical object, together with all our efforts to walk along the newly installed path leading from the stadium to the clock-conservatory of Plungė manor homestead. We hope that this joint project will together become a symbol of business strength, longevity and unity.

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